Another Year Ending

really soon …….and the next morning begins with me getting up looking at my kid sleeping besides me. That by the way is the best way to start a day, according to me.

Grumpily entering the kitchen to make some tea for myself and Patidev and then soaking some lentils to make some khichdi for my girl and some dal for us. And then while the tea is boiling I brush my teeth and look at the Sun high up in the sky.

This schedule isn’t anything phenomenal but is my everyday life. But coming year I have plans that will help me live ….. albeit a bit better life.Yes, I am looking forward to a positive start to the Year with lots of hopes. I have high aspirations to turn around all things harmful to me and my family.

Some of the things that I have planned out are:

* Getting up early every single day including Sundays

* Getting my kid wake up a bit early too and I believe most parents will agree to it that it’s a Herculean task😝

* Eating right and exercising every day even if that means for twenty minutes ( but this would not guarantee any me time 😣)

*Visiting schools and trying to find one for T ( details of why,when and how about this in another blog post 🀞)

*Being regular with this blog of mine πŸ™Š

* Being strict about having some me time

The last one is very important to me and I will try harder to be successful in getting the same done. There are reasons to it too but that too for another blog post. ( Wow! I have ideas for two blog posts already πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜)

It is imperative for us to have some aim in life, be it a distant dream to achieve but working towards it give a direction to pursue. I would urge every one of you reading out this post to do something for yourself. By yourself, I do not mean doing a job to earn money but also doing that one thing that might not ensure any commercials but a deep sense of satisfaction.

If you are still in a stage of procrastinating about how to go about achieving your resolutions this New Year, do take a look at what Urvashi has to say about it here

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