Pink or Blue….

Scene 1: Oh baby! So cute!…Girl or a boy?..The baby was dressed up in a pink, yes, hot pink coloured romper.

Scene2: Oh wow! You got a new cycle baby! Girl or a boy? ….The baby was dressed up in a yellow full sleeve shirt and full pants.

How difficult is it for people in our ‘always scouting for some Nick pick’ society to mind their own business ? Well, a lot difficult than looking up their own sleeve.

In scene 1, the person who asked about the baby was dressed up in a saree and in scene 2 the person who asked for the ‘details’ of the baby was dressed up in ethnic too.

Probably because they was typically dressed up so they expect the same from the other person. It could be also because some gender specific ‘details’ are ingrained in them.

It isn’t something that they should be bothered about,but as a parent of the baby in context, this definitely bothers me.

Everytime I walk into a store to pick up some clothes for my baby girl, I am asked by the sales person whether it’s for a girl or a boy .Then they start showing up stuffing pink because it’s for my girl. If I ask for blue coloured clothes, it will be mostly with prints of mean machines, action cartoons ( sorry! I don’t know their names yet!) and if I look up for pink, it will definitely have a Barbie collection.

In a developing country like India( yeah! It’s still under development) and in the 21st century when people are buying up land on Moon, one shouldn’t be bothered about gender specific discussion. These discussions do hamper a child’s mind.They start having preconceived notions about what a girl or boy should dress up like or be like. Going forward these can manifold into many other situations too.

I donot have a problem with a baby girl being made to wear blue i.e. till the age they don’t select their own clothes, neither do I have a problem with a baby boy wearing pink.

I want my child to grow up to be herself, just the way she wants to with nobody asking her, Pink or Blue?


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