Father’s Day…..the first one

Father’s are special, yes,they are no matter what all a Mom goes through or does still that special someone is always a father.Atleast, for my little one it is.

It was father’s day yesterday and the Mr got to know of it quite late in the day and he wanted to do something special for our little girl.I decided to make him feel special instead,after all it was a day for him.

I did a small fun filled diy activity with the little one i.e. hand imprints.

Material that we used is as below:

*Turmeric powder mixed with oil/ water spread on a plate

*Your choice of poster colour mixed with water and spread on a plate

*Piece of chart paper

Keep a piece of cloth and some water handy to wipe off the bub’s hands before they put their hands into their mouth.I had to do it really quick.

First, the Mr. imprinted onto the paper and then I held baby’s hands to take the imprints and it was real fun.She did enjoy lot and I have a feeling that she’s going to love Holi too.

I am going to try out more of such diy activities as it is fun and interesting and keeps her engaged.

Do try it out for yourself and you can have different colours of your choice or can do this with the entire family.


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