Celebration For Menstruating….

We celebrate Menstruation!
Sounds weird? But we do.
Starting today, in most parts of the state of Odisha, specially in cities of Puri, Cuttack and the capital city of Bhubaneswar the festival of Raja is celebrated with much of fervor. Unmarried girls have the best if these times as they are not supposed to do any household work during these days.
They are anointed with turmeric and oil and then they bath on the first day and get dressed up in fineries. They donot bath in the next two days but dressing up is important.They are not supposed to walk barefoot, cannot use grinding stones, and such. One can get to see girls swinging by in different types of swings in these cities during these days.They are supposed to take rest, gorge on special delicacies like Pida Pitha and Chakuli Pitha, meet up with other friends, play indoor games and have fun.
It is believed that Mother Earth menstruates during these three days of the year.So all agricultural work is also put to rest. That is why unmarried girls i.e. the Goddesses celebrate these days as a festival.
Isn’t this a wake up call for people who still think of Menstruation as a taboo? Talking about periods is a shame? Then why do celebrate it? Aren’t we Goddesses in our own might?


6 thoughts on “Celebration For Menstruating….

  1. Oh wow..this is so interesting to read about.I don’t think i would have get to know it in near future if you didn’t write about it.i’m happy that Few places have started this and i hope other states shall follow this.


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