Could this be a reason for those deaths?

I had a cesarean delivery which was unavoidable.I took my baby in my arms on the second day and that too just for a while maybe because I was under some sort of a dissociative condition.God knows!

But then after a while,she cried out for food and I asked my mother to give her to me so that I can feed her.My Gynaecologist had been to me and had checked and said that I can breastfeed my baby.I took her in my arms, not to forget they had turned up looking like potatoes all over as they had swollen up and were very painful.But, I still fed my child and felt so contented.

There was then a discussion amongst some of my distant family members, who were visiting me at the hospital, about the early years, when they were in our condition and about breastfeeding.It was then i got to know that people( my grandma and her Maa and before) did not let the newborn baby have the first milk, colostrum as they believed that it would not be easily digested by the baby.Imagine! They used to milk the colostrum and used to throw it away.

Instead of that ‘liquid gold’ the newborns were fed rice cooked in a watery consistency in a mud pot.I had never heard of anything like this ever before and neither had I read about it anywhere.

There are many age old customs that we follow till date but thankfully not this. I guess probably this could be one of the reasons of those untimely deaths of babies who were born then as they were denied if the most nutritious food they deserved to be fed.I guess this is why only six of my mother’s siblings survived and not the rest six.Yeah! My Nani had twelve children 🤦

It is not that always everything that our ancestors did was correct.Some of those still donot have any basis of being done then.

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5 thoughts on “Could this be a reason for those deaths?

  1. This is still a topic to discuss.i was fortunate enough to bf my dd from day one though i needed to pump for few days but in rural india,people still give cow milk also to newborn babies😠


  2. Your heading made me curious. The Colostrum is so important to the human infant. There are so many misconceptions around it. We need science based information at least on one website in India.


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