She lost her innocent childhood….

and nobody has any idea about it.

Monisha ,34,mother to a beautiful little angel and wife to a loving husband.This is all that she has now.Oh wait! Her parents and siblings( she has two elder sisters) donot reside in the same city but they are far from her…..her mind and her heart.

Monisha was all of eleven and was playful,happy and a chirpy girl.She had many friends in her school and everyone loved her too.She hearted her father and held great respect for him, of course she loved her mother and her siblings too.But, she did love her father a bit more.

Her father was out of the city for work and her mother and both the siblings were in the kitchen helping their mother prepare some food for their Grandpa who had come by to meet them.Monisha was asked by her mother to be with Grandpa as she was too young to be of any help in the kitchen,so thought the mother.

Things didn’t turn out to be the same.Monisha was molested by her Grandpa.Yes, this man was nothing from their family but had got himself inducted into their family for he thought of Monisha’s mother as his daughter.Who would have ever thought of such a thing ? Monisha had gone to her mother too right after and said it all but her mother asked her to keep mum as she feared for Monisha’s father’s reaction.

But was it right? Not then and not now too.

Let’s not get into statistics of how many and at what age and by whom….but these situations have not been curbed yet.We need to stand by our children no matter what against these beings and should be teach them a lesson legally.But this was not done in this case.

Monisha’s relationship with her mother and siblings is not that great since then and she never told her father about it too.But she fears for her girl today.

Society is what we make off it and it is not society that makes us.We need to understand that and stand up for things like these because we cannot just let another child’s innocence to be robbed.

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6 thoughts on “She lost her innocent childhood….

  1. childhood is filled with innocence, as a society we should stand for this precious gem and it should be handled with care


  2. This is an eye opener for all the parents out there , it is necessary to speak out when and where necessary rather than keeping quiet , that too out of fear


  3. Childhood’s best feature is innocence…after such type of experience the shadow of such horrible experience kills that innocence nd slowly but strongly kill that childhood. Hope as a society we stands together on such issues.


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