Another Year Ending

really soon …….and the next morning begins with me getting up looking at my kid sleeping besides me. That by the way is the best way to start a day, according to me.

Grumpily entering the kitchen to make some tea for myself and Patidev and then soaking some lentils to make some khichdi for my girl and some dal for us. And then while the tea is boiling I brush my teeth and look at the Sun high up in the sky.

This schedule isn’t anything phenomenal but is my everyday life. But coming year I have plans that will help me live ….. albeit a bit better life.Yes, I am looking forward to a positive start to the Year with lots of hopes. I have high aspirations to turn around all things harmful to me and my family.

Some of the things that I have planned out are:

* Getting up early every single day including Sundays

* Getting my kid wake up a bit early too and I believe most parents will agree to it that it’s a Herculean task😝

* Eating right and exercising every day even if that means for twenty minutes ( but this would not guarantee any me time 😣)

*Visiting schools and trying to find one for T ( details of why,when and how about this in another blog post 🤞)

*Being regular with this blog of mine 🙊

* Being strict about having some me time

The last one is very important to me and I will try harder to be successful in getting the same done. There are reasons to it too but that too for another blog post. ( Wow! I have ideas for two blog posts already 😁😉😁)

It is imperative for us to have some aim in life, be it a distant dream to achieve but working towards it give a direction to pursue. I would urge every one of you reading out this post to do something for yourself. By yourself, I do not mean doing a job to earn money but also doing that one thing that might not ensure any commercials but a deep sense of satisfaction.

If you are still in a stage of procrastinating about how to go about achieving your resolutions this New Year, do take a look at what Urvashi has to say about it here

Book Review – Once Upon A Crush

The story revolves around office romance between Reyna Dey and Deven Ahuja spiced up with a boss who is much like a villian in the story line( aren’t most bosses of a similar kind?). It also has a good involvement of typical Indian parents who want their girl to get married soon and have string of suitors, eligible ones according to them,lined up for when their girl arrives back in town.

The choices that Reyna made,the city,the lifestyle,the friends,the MBA days made me a bit nostalgic as it resonates with me. I am sure many teenagers too would agree to it ( to reiterate,I am not a teenager anymore 💁) and would love to read it out.

My takeaway from this book is follow your hearts lead.

Kiran Manral ,the author has jotted a breather for the people who have been reading some serious stuff for long. I liked the story line and would love to read more books by Kiran.

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Summer Activities: Pool Time

The headlines….

  • Good News: the rains have reached Kerala
  • Bad News: it’s a red alert day for our city due to sweltering heat
  • Better News: the best reason to be in the pool and enjoy summers 😎

This is the excuse I have when someone from my hometown asks me about “how is the weather condition in the city ?”.

The current scenario is perfect to let the toddler have some fun with water too. But having said that,it is also essential to take care of the kids in the harsh summers and prevent them from being ill.

While being in the pool and enjoying in water gives much needed fun time to the kids,it is important to take some basic things into consideration. They being:

* It is advisable to dress the kids in swimwear and not just any regular clothes. This helps to maintain the hygienic quotient of the pool and our kids too.

*The kid should be hydrated. This helps in keeping off dehydration and helps in the physical activity.

* If the kid is small and is yet to learn swimming,it is always advisable to use a float. This is to keep off any untoward incidents.

*It is better if we can apply sunscreen on them at least fifteen minutes prior to getting into the pool.

*Do not forget to carry along clothes to change once they are out of the pool. Carrying drinking water along is also advisable.

*Do not leave them unattended at any point of time.

These are the pointers I ensure to take care of,if you do have any other please do let me know in the comments.

P.S. the swimming accessories and swimwear are available online at various e-commerce websites too 😎

Book Review-Diary Of A Baby

Ever wondered what a baby who is yet to start speaking,might be thinking in it’s head?

Well….the author of the book ‘Diary Of A Baby‘ knows that so perfectly.

The book essays out details of what all a new parent goes through but through a baby’s perspective. For me, it was as if, I was reading out the situations I had been through.

The author,Mahak Wadhwani has done complete justice to giving a voice to the babies,in black and white.

The highs and lows, the learnings for the parents and the baby, from being an infant to growing up to toddler hood,the book has great details assembled all together.

I thoroughly enjoyed reliving the memories through this book and would highly recommend new parents to read it too.

This review was done as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program.

Exploring Beautiful Bhuj and the White Desert,Great Rann

Today the #XploreBharatBlogTrain has come to Bhuj (Kutch) from Surat which we travelled with Ajit

We had been to Bhuj in 2016 and my reason for urging Patidev to drive me to this place was the mesmerizing White Desert, the Great Rann of Kutch.

The drive to Bhuj is five and half hours journey and we started off much before sunrise. We mostly do the same as it better and easier to drive through less traffic woes.One can take flights from it’s domestic airport that connects it to Mumbai( well connected). The Kandla airport is around 53kms from the city or one can also take the train.

This was clicked on the way to Lakhpat.

Bhuj is a city and a municipality in the Kutch District in Gujarat which was founded by Rao Hamir in 1510. The city has borne the brunt of natural calamity i.e. earthquake twice,1819and 2001. The destruction was massive and the reconstruction process after the recent one has been going on steadily. The official language spoken is Kutchi and Gujarati.

The climatic condition of Bhuj is more of desert like, hence it’s recommended to visit the city and the Rann during winters. Bhuj is famous for the craftsmanship of the Kutchi artisans of bandhani, embroidery and leather work. It is also famous for it’s cuisines i.e pakwans and the Kutchi dabeli.

There are many places of historical and architectural importance in and around the city. We spent two days in the city and covered most places we wanted to visit We were fortunate to have been able to visit a few of them. Let me take you through a pictorial journey of some of them.

On the way to the city I had seen some strange objects being carried in really long trailers and wondered what they were till we chanced upon seeing these windmills all across the outskirts of the city.

Those objects were the blades and they are huge, really huge in proportion.

One can see a variety of embroidery being adorned by the people in the region, I saw this herdsman’s scarf and some other people headwear too. They had beautiful and intricate design.

We had put up at HotelMangalam which is within the city’s parameters and is closest to most of the sites.

The first day we visited the Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park which has a number of shops that promote the handicraft workers and the artisans and provide them a platform to sell their stuff too. The VandemataramMemorial was under construction then and is made to resemble the structure of the Indian Parliament. It aims to immortalize many of the freedom struggle episodes and does it really well.

Lippan work.

Lippan work.

The same day we also visited the Ashapura Mata no Madh and Lakhpat.

Lakhpat is a town and subdistrict in Kutch. The town is enclosed by these 18th century fort walls. One can see the ravages of time, the ruins of homes destroyed in the earthquakes.

The architecture of those days can make one go spell bound even if it a home.

The fort walls overlook a great expanse of a then dried up water body.

There are many places of worship within the small town of Lakhpat. It is three hours journey from Bhuj to this town.

The next day we started off with a visit to the Aaina Mahal, PragMahal and the Kutch museum and then we headed to the Great Rann of Kutch.

This is a door in the Aaina Mahal and the carvings are in ivory.

This bed belonged to the then Maharaja( in the portrait) and the things that are in golden colour are made up of real gold.

Silver Ware of the royals.

Locks of those times.

A part of the PragMahal in shambles.

A typewriter of those times.

A room with furniture of those times in PragMahal.

The Maharajas Chariot.

The clock tower in PragMahal.

The front facade of the PragMahal.

The intricate carvings on the pillars in PragMahal.

The entrance to the PragMahal

Take a look at the intricate architecture of those times.


More of ruins.

We also visited the Hamirsar lake which is very close by to the PragMahal.

We also visited the Narayan Sarovar which was completely dried up by then as it was peak of summer season.

We then started off to visit the Great Rann of Kutch and it is around 50kms from Bhuj. The drive to the Rann is very interesting, at least I found it to be be so. The entire stretch is a barren land but one can see herdsmen with their herds all along the way. The way the livestock adapt to the extreme environment is interesting.

One needs to take a written permission ( after paying an amount) from the policemen before entering the vicinity of the Rann and will have to get it checked by the BSF before entering the Rann.

The Rann hosts the RannUtsav every year which is managed by Gujarat Tourism.

The place is a treat to eyes, vast expanse of white salt strewn land( which is the dried up water from the Gulf).

Sunsets are a dreamy visual in the Rann and they are extremely beautiful. Winter’s and especially full moon nights are mostly preferred days to witness the White Desert.

We did a camel cart ride to the Rann and back.

We waited for an hour and half to see the sunset. I donot have that patience at all but the scenic view makes you do it. We returned to our place of stay quite late but enjoyed the dinner.

That was our last night in Bhuj and the next day we drove back to Ahmedabad not before seeing vast stretches of salt making processing places and some clicks of funny yet fact full stuff written on the trucks.

Salt making in progress

( All the pictures have been clicked my me)

Hope you enjoyed this virtual journey of Bhuj and Kutch. Do feel free to write a comment and like the post.

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I am perfect…..

…..the way I am.

I have a loose flabby stomach that once was home for my girl (who is sleeping by my side now and to add to that, yes ! We co-sleep and details about the pros and cons of this i shall mention some other day)

I wear glasses.

You can find me most if the time in clothes that are oversized.

One can find me most months of an year with eyebrows undone and upper lips resembling that of a teen who has just started having a moustache.

I have been this way since long and you cannot change me, not now and never. I have been through a stage in my life where I was more concerned about what other said about my body, especially when I wasn’t a mother.

” You need to loose weight to be a mother”.

“You will have to be on medication to get a child, look at yourself”.

“If you don’t bear a child now, your body will get worse”.

Like really? and I thought these experienced people had all the experience to say these things. Until I didn’t move out of my house for more than a year.

I used to sit alone and cry out looking at walls and thinking what is wrong with me. I stopped doing it one fine day without any reason and it was a great reason for me getting back to my life.

We need to stop calling names looking at body types of people. There might be a reason for them being being thin or being on a healthier side. Body shaming should stop and we must try to instill a sense of positivity about body types whatsoever they may be.

Remember… you are the best in the way you are but there’s a way you can try to be a better you.

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 27 other bloggers are celebrating Women’s Day with a twist.

I thank Maitri who blogs at for introducing me.

I would also take the opportunity to introduce Ujjwal who blogs at

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Self love

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Women’s Day with a twist.

Pick up your phones or your laptops and type the words “self love” in the search bar. Did you do that ?

With one click of a button, one can find a good number of Pinterest worthy stuff like images, quotes, images with quotes and what not. The one thing common between all of them …..self.

I wouldn’t say, most of us, but at least I was in a situation wherein I had doubts about myself or to put it in better words, I lacked self worth. There are times when one goes through some or the other situation in life when one would need that reassurance from another that all is well. But this basic thought of seeking an assurance from another is doubt worthy.

The moment we seek another person’s approval, I believe we undermine ourselves and try to justify our current situation or status through the eyes of the beholder.

Irrespective of whether the others judge you or not, why judge yourself? It is not until you start loving yourself that you will take note of it. Something as basic as thanking the Power you believe in for giving you another day as another opportunity to best the best of yourself is a great starting point.

As one understands self love,the thought process is more clear. They can then know what they feel or want and are much more mindful of their actions. This doesn’t mean that their actions are more to fit into the parameters of the onlookers but more about how they can love themselves a bit more.

I now always have this thought ingrained in my mind, a larger power created the universe and then after long, I came into existence. I must be here for a good reason, for sure, so why not do my best as I am worthy of existing .

I thank Maitri who blogs at for introducing me. She is a social media professional turned SAHM who shares her views on mommyhood amongst other things in her blog .

I would also take the opportunity to introduce Ujjwal who blogs at She is a mommy blogger who writes mostly about moms in modern times and their tryst with family and their careers.

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Ahmedabad : the city as I see it

Today the #XploreBharatBlogTrain has come to Ahmedabad/ Amdavad/Karnavati from Vizayanagaram which we travelled with Suhasini

Call it by any name you wish to but the city will still be as exuberant as it was when it was founded in 1411 by then then ruler Ahmad Shah.

This city has it’s own pace and is growing up so fast, at least in the last decade that I have been witness to. I came to Ahmedabad for the first time for my internship after which I got placed at the same place I interned with and since then…..I am here at ‘aapnu Amdavad’. The city is well connected to neighbouring states and is accessible by air too.

Ahmedabad is also called as ‘ the Manchester of India’ because of it’s similarity with the cotton textile center, Manchester of Great Britain. There are many industrial hubs in the city and around the city too which also has a good population of people from many other neighbouring states. This has also resulted in a wide variety of food choices being available in the city which was mostly known as a city with only vegetarian preference.

There are many places to visit in and around the city. Ahmedabad has recently been announced by UNESCO as India’s first World Heritage City and speaking about heritage, one can take heritage walks around the old city. The old city area has it’s own charm and one can witness the charm of the yesteryears haveli’s , temples, step -well too. These heritage walks can be booked at

Amongst the many things to experience in the city, some are :

Gandhi Ashram: situated in the banks on the river Sabarmati, this place houses Mahatma’s artefacts and his living premises too. It was here that Bapu started off his Dandi March in 1930. This place is named after the river on the banks of which it was built after he shifted his ashram from Kochrab.

Sabarmati Riverfront: the banks of the river have been converted into a riverfront where beautiful flower shows are organised, there are water sports activities too. The riverfront also has a beautiful garden which is really huge and one can also witness the fast and steady pace of life while the river flows through the city.

Picture Credit : @mommy_account_says ( i.e me) Riverfront at night

Ratanpol : this place is buzzing with people looking for shopping for clothes, utensils, furniture stuff and all things that are also available in hypermarkets but at a higher price. One needs to have good bargaining skills though and you can have steal deals.

Food Truck Parks: this is an organised set up of food trucks that cater to food choices of people that be non- vegetarian too. One can easily get spoilt for choices.

Swaminarayan Mandir: situated in the Kalupur area of the city, which is also one of the busiest through out any time of the day, this temple was the first temple of the swaminarayan sampraday in the year 1822. The temple seems like a splash of colour in the old city area.

Manek Chowk: a bustling jewellery area by the day and a foodies delight zone by the night. One can get chocolate dosa’s, chocolate sandwich apart from the famous dhokla,dal wada, methi na gotta, khaman, khandvi and there’s Bhatiyar Gali nearby too that is a heaven for non-vegetarian’s.

Around the city, there are many places to visit too like NalSarovar, Thol lake, Adalaj Vav ( stepwell), Adalaj Jagannath Temple, Akshardhaam, Sidi Sayed ni Jali, Pols and many more such places.

Festivals like Uttarayan ( kite flying) are also good times to visit the city during which one can witness International Kite Flying Festival and also gorge on delicacies like undhiyu which is especially had during the festival.

Picture Credit: @mommy_account_says ( i.e. me) International Kite Flying Festival

Picture Credit: @mommy_account_says ( i.e me) Delicacies that are especially had during Uttarayan

Picture Credit: @mommy_accpunt_says ( i.e me) Methi na Gotta with Kadhi and Sambharo.

I will take you through these places, albeit virtually, and many more but in a other blog post soon.

This post is a part of the #XploreBharatBlogTrain hosted by Aditi, Esha, Maheshwaran, PraGun, Preeti, Saba, Sanjota, Sonia, Sudip, Suhasini, Supriya

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The next stop of this #XploreBharatBlogTrain is at Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Pink or Blue….

Scene 1: Oh baby! So cute!…Girl or a boy?..The baby was dressed up in a pink, yes, hot pink coloured romper.

Scene2: Oh wow! You got a new cycle baby! Girl or a boy? ….The baby was dressed up in a yellow full sleeve shirt and full pants.

How difficult is it for people in our ‘always scouting for some Nick pick’ society to mind their own business ? Well, a lot difficult than looking up their own sleeve.

In scene 1, the person who asked about the baby was dressed up in a saree and in scene 2 the person who asked for the ‘details’ of the baby was dressed up in ethnic too.

Probably because they was typically dressed up so they expect the same from the other person. It could be also because some gender specific ‘details’ are ingrained in them.

It isn’t something that they should be bothered about,but as a parent of the baby in context, this definitely bothers me.

Everytime I walk into a store to pick up some clothes for my baby girl, I am asked by the sales person whether it’s for a girl or a boy .Then they start showing up stuffing pink because it’s for my girl. If I ask for blue coloured clothes, it will be mostly with prints of mean machines, action cartoons ( sorry! I don’t know their names yet!) and if I look up for pink, it will definitely have a Barbie collection.

In a developing country like India( yeah! It’s still under development) and in the 21st century when people are buying up land on Moon, one shouldn’t be bothered about gender specific discussion. These discussions do hamper a child’s mind.They start having preconceived notions about what a girl or boy should dress up like or be like. Going forward these can manifold into many other situations too.

I donot have a problem with a baby girl being made to wear blue i.e. till the age they don’t select their own clothes, neither do I have a problem with a baby boy wearing pink.

I want my child to grow up to be herself, just the way she wants to with nobody asking her, Pink or Blue?

Father’s Day…..the first one

Father’s are special, yes,they are no matter what all a Mom goes through or does still that special someone is always a father.Atleast, for my little one it is.

It was father’s day yesterday and the Mr got to know of it quite late in the day and he wanted to do something special for our little girl.I decided to make him feel special instead,after all it was a day for him.

I did a small fun filled diy activity with the little one i.e. hand imprints.

Material that we used is as below:

*Turmeric powder mixed with oil/ water spread on a plate

*Your choice of poster colour mixed with water and spread on a plate

*Piece of chart paper

Keep a piece of cloth and some water handy to wipe off the bub’s hands before they put their hands into their mouth.I had to do it really quick.

First, the Mr. imprinted onto the paper and then I held baby’s hands to take the imprints and it was real fun.She did enjoy lot and I have a feeling that she’s going to love Holi too.

I am going to try out more of such diy activities as it is fun and interesting and keeps her engaged.

Do try it out for yourself and you can have different colours of your choice or can do this with the entire family.

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