Pink or Blue….

I donot have a problem with a baby girl being made to wear blue i.e. till the age they don't select their own clothes, neither do I have a problem with a baby boy wearing pink.


Father’s Day…..the first one

Father's are special, yes,they are no matter what all a Mom goes through or does still that special someone is always a father.Atleast, for my little one it is. It was father's day yesterday and the Mr got to know of it quite late in the day and he wanted to do something special for … Continue reading Father’s Day…..the first one

Celebration For Menstruating….

We celebrate Menstruation! Sounds weird? But we do. Starting today, in most parts of the state of Odisha, specially in cities of Puri, Cuttack and the capital city of Bhubaneswar the festival of Raja is celebrated with much of fervor. Unmarried girls have the best if these times as they are not supposed to do … Continue reading Celebration For Menstruating….