Book Review – Once Upon A Crush

The story revolves around office romance between Reyna Dey and Deven Ahuja spiced up with a boss who is much like a villian in the story line( aren’t most bosses of a similar kind?). It also has a good involvement of typical Indian parents who want their girl to get married soon and have string … Continue reading Book Review – Once Upon A Crush

Summer Activities: Pool Time

The headlines.... Good News: the rains have reached Kerala Bad News: it's a red alert day for our city due to sweltering heat Better News: the best reason to be in the pool and enjoy summers 😎 This is the excuse I have when someone from my hometown asks me about "how is the weather … Continue reading Summer Activities: Pool Time

Ahmedabad : the city as I see it

Today the #XploreBharatBlogTrain has come to Ahmedabad/ Amdavad/Karnavati from Vizayanagaram which we travelled with Suhasini Call it by any name you wish to but the city will still be as exuberant as it was when it was founded in 1411 by then then ruler Ahmad Shah. This city has it’s own pace and is growing … Continue reading Ahmedabad : the city as I see it